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Answer for question 4344.

If you could have one special power, what would you choose? Why would you choose that specific power? How would you use it to your advantage?
Personally, I think something like shadow control would be awesome :> It would be very handy for reaching things that I otherwise can't (I'm only 5'2" fffff) or even for carrying things/self-defence.

What a lame answer, LOL. I think if I'd answered this as a child, I would've picked flight, though!

Answer for question 4312.

If there were only two choices, would you rather live in a really cold environment or a really hot one? Why? What are your tips for making either of these more comfortable to exist in?
Honestly, I would say cold. Because it's pretty cold here in the first place, the weather doesn't bother me, whereas the second it gets warm I start dying of heat.

When it comes to cold weather, layers (ex. vest + t-shirt/long-sleeved shirt + jumper + jacket) are definitely your friends, as are thick warm socks and heavy shoes.

Hot weather - I wish I knew, maybe then I wouldn't start sweating like a pig every time Summer comes round!


Oh hey, every so often I remember LJ exists :'D

I haven't posted on here for like 5000 years, but in summary - year abroad wasn't as bad as I thought, my German seems to have improved a little, and I'm now applying to a one-month teaching thing in the summer.

I got the interview (yay!) so now I'm just waiting to see when it is :)

Answer for question 4230.

What’s your all-time favorite town or city? Why? Would you ever move there if you could?
Probably Dresden or (if we're talking closer to home) Glasgow? I'd like to move there someday (Glasgow I mean), but I'm not sure I would... Who knows.

Answer for question 4176.

What would you say is your favorite album/CD of all time?
Probably Steely Dan's Aja or Can't Buy A Thrill :)


You know, up til this point we've survived so many "apocalypses" I don't know why people even bother considering that it's the end of the world.


Hello, ladies and gents! Seiyonashi here, or Sei for short, bringing you a spork from one of my dearest fandoms – that of Trauma Center. And you want to know what the best part is? This story has not one, not two, but three Sues! It also includes ludicrous behaviour, twisted logic, and moments that just plain had me rolling my eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you could write a good Trauma Center OC. Unfortunately, these OCs come nowhere close.

My sporking will be in regular font, and the story text itself will be bold. Maybe later I’ll draft in some canon characters to help, but for now it’s just me. I’d also like to warn you that this chapter contains child abuse (or the mention thereof) used as a plot device near the end, so I’d recommend that you skip it if it’s a trigger for you. However, I’ll warn you before the scene happens as well.

Click to read!Collapse )

4 months, huh?

Wow, can't believe I haven't posted here since January OTL Though to be fair, things have been a bit nuts at university as of late. Trying to get all the applications done in time is a pain, especially the Erasmus one - the German one kept confusing me so I had to ask our year abroad co-ordinator for help... Man, I wish I didn't get so nervous over sending people email... or opening email |D;;

As for my assistantship, I'm on a waiting list. So who knows, I might get in. Am not holding my breath at the moment just in case I don't get in at all. :V I don't even know if I'll be able to succeed if I do go for the assistantship (how do I social interaction/teach/logic?) and yeah... Nervousness all around.

... Now watch as this doesn't get updated till September OTL

In other news, exams are coming up. Not too worried about German Language, but Phonetics and Literature... bluh. Especially since Literature is 70% of our final mark and I need 12 min. in everything otherwise I can't do the year abroad. German speaking exam is next week and Phonetics oral exam is the 17th, so I'm nervous about those (thankfully I have a nice teacher for the German so that makes it a little better.)

So I guess we'll have to wait and see how everything goes! Later!

Not really relevant to anything, but...

Thanks for the sunflower, anonymous person! :) It sounds silly but it made me smile! I can't give you anything back, because you're anonymous and I don't have a way of buying stuff online, but I appreciate it!! Today's been a good day in general, then, met up with some friends to see a film (and of course, do the usual stupid things we do for fun) and then I come home to this~